• Sasha Geerken

Red Clover Tea

Red Clover is popping up everywhere here in NY now - Clovers like full sunlight, and are especially common in meadows, pastures, open fields and lawns, as well as in disturbed habitats, trailsides, roadsides and parklands.

This little beauty is well-known as a traditional spring tonic and ‘blood cleaner’. As a nutritive tonic, it has a high mineral content: an ounce of the flowering tops contains half the minimum daily requirement of calcium, about a fourth of the requirement of magnesium, and a third of the requirement for potassium.

Pull the florets off the most brightly colored flower heads with your fingers. You don’t want to pick faded, dried out or brown flowers. To make an infusion of Red Clover, add an ounce of the tops to a quart of water (just the blossoms and a small portion of top leaves, no stems). Gently simmer until one third of the water is gone. Cool and strain. Drink the liquid in three doses during the day OR make one quart of a standard infusion and drink throughout the day.

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