• Sasha Geerken

Day 1: Red Cabbage Dye

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

What I used:

Two 11"x11" Silk Scarves

1/4 of a large Red Cabbage

1 Teaspoon Alum Potassium Sulfate

1 Tablespoon White Vinegar (in separate pot for 1 scarf)

1 Stainless Steel Pot

~ 6 cups water

1.) Pre-Treat your fiber. (Link to pre-treating your fiber here:

2.) Roughly chop red cabbage (I used about a 1/4 of the cabbage since it was a pretty big one) and put it in a stainless steel pot, filled about halfway with water (mine was around 6 cups of water). Bring it to a low simmer.

3.) Let the cabbage sit in the water at a low simmer for about an hour, then you can either:

- strain out the cabbage and submerge your pre-treated fiber right into the dye bath


- add your pre-treated fiber right in with the cabbage. I just added mine to the cabbage because I wanted to keep it soaking longer.

4.) Want to change the color a bit more? Adding either Baking Soda or Vinegar will change the Ph level of the dye bath:

-Baking Soda = more alkaline - pushing it towards a more blue-ish color

-White Vinegar = more acidic - pushing the color towards a more purple-ish color

5.) I took one scarf out after only an hour or two and my it was a beautiful pale purple! Let the fiber sit in the dye bath overnight for deeper color. Wring dry when you want to take it out, then let it dry out completely before rinsing and hang dry out of direct sunlight.

Tip! If you ever need to wash your fiber, hand wash with cold water and a few drops of soap, like Dr. Bronners

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