• Sasha Geerken

Lilac Gin

How to make Lilac Gin:

1.) Make sure the lilacs were not treated with pesticides or sprays.

2.) Harvest the lilacs in the morning or evening, while the temperatures are cooler

3.) Remove any dead blossoms, and then remove all the blossoms from the stems - so get rid of leaves, small stems, green! Its inevitable that you will have some green because its very time consuming picking every blossom…so don't stress it too much.

4.) Pour your gin (or vodka, whatever alcohol you want) over them and use a spoon to fully cover the flowers, squishing them down to keep them submerged.

5.) Steep! Ive seen some recipes say steep up to four weeks, but I personally felt that was unnecessary. The flowers are so delicate, I found my gin to have a wonderful aroma and flavor after just 3 days of steeping. So it's up to you.

6.) Strain. After a few days of steeping you will notice your gin or vodka turn a sort of “tea” color. If you want that sort of classic “purple”, add a few blueberries to change the color - note the color difference in the photos below: before and after blueberry!

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