• Sasha Geerken

Day 2: Daffodil Dye

Absolutely gorgeous color, almost as pretty as the flower itself!

Even if this dye won’t hold up as strongly as some other natural dyes, I don’t mind, because that isn’t the point for me right now. There is so much darkness in the world these days,

and these colors give me such joy - I am so inspired by everyone getting creative with the new changes taking place...using what you have, finding alternatives, straight up creativity flowin! Use what you have, make it your own, experiment and LEARN!

The daffodils I used in this dye bath were already cut and wilted, a gift from some lovely friends and I have a bunch of silk scarves at home, the only fiber I have at the moment to dye with. So, the experimenting continues!

1.) For this recipe, I cut the flowering parts of the Daffodil from the stem and placed them in a stainless steel pot, filled about halfway with water.

2.) Let the flowers soak for an hour in the water at room temperature, then bring to a low simmer for another hour or so, stirring occasionally. The longer I let it sit, the richer the color seemed to get.

3.) I put my pre-treated silk into the dye bath, turned off the heat and let it sit overnight! To learn how to pre-treat your fabric before dyeing, here is my link: (

4.) Rinse in room-temp water and hang up to dry out of direct sunlight. Im not sure how long this color will last, so I will have to wait and see!

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