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Bath Salts, Scrubs

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Body Products

All products are handmade by Sasha in small batches, using certified organic ingredients that nurture, soothe, and heal.

100% organic & sustainably harvested herbs, local when available. 


Ceramic Ware

Boob Pots!



Soy Wax Candles



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Handmade ceramic boob pots are available as planters, small cups or bowls or soy wax candles. All pottery is sold through my Etsy site, click the button below to see what is available! 


Botanical Dyed Fibers

Hand - Dyed

Silk Scarves


DIY Dye Kits

All fibers are hand-dyed by Sasha with sustainably harvested plants





Fertility Awareness Method Education 

Custom Herbal Formulas -

tea blends, tinctures, suppositories and salves

Vaginal Steam Stools and Herbal Steam Blends